Back Label Decrypted of Two Viogniers from different Hemispheres

We conducted a comparative Wine Tasting of a 2019 Condrieu and a Virgilius from Barossa. Our wine tasting notes were quite different from the labels.

2019 Condrieu

What we were expected to taste

What the group tasted instead

The participants had varied reactions to this wine description. I questioned whether they had captured the apricot and floral aromas described on the label, which led to quite a discussion.

Vilja and Victoria confirmed they had detected some floral notes, with Victoria specifically noting white flowers.

I mentioned that I noticed the apple aroma but not the flavor in the mouth, as well as caramel in the nose.

We found the mouthfeel silky and smooth, with flavors of dried fruits (apricot, prune), citrus aroma, and pineapple. Some noticed a bit of bitterness on the palate.

We agreed that the wine might change over time, so we wondered why wine critics wouldn't include a tasting date in their reviews.

2019 Virgilius

What we were expected to taste

What the group tasted instead

The participants had a mixed reaction to this description. The review mentioned various tasting notes, such as 'lifted ginger spice,' 'sourdough-like texture,' 'apricot,' and' almond.'

What we experienced was different, 'more on the rubber side and kerosene.' Behind these heavy notes, some of us noted some floral or citrus notes and some spiciness or toasted oak.

We questioned what a 'Viognier texture' on the palate meant and speculated about its richness and smoothness.

The wine's complexity was acknowledged, but some skepticism was expressed about descriptors like 'purity of taste,' 'beeswax,' and 'dried jasmine.'

The group agreed that the wine was 'fresh and elegant' at one point but noted its bitterness and the need for a longer aeration time to improve its aroma.

An Unexpected Wine Aroma

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Published May 20, 2024

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