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InnoVinum LLC was co-founded in 2017 by Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve, an internationally renowned sensory scientist, and her husband, Patrick.

Isabelle creates and teaches unique programs to train enthusiasts and professionals to taste and describe wine, using a proven scientific and approachable framework.

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Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve is a sensory and consumer scientist with 25+ years of experience. She held positions with increasing responsibilities in academia and R&D departments in France, Canada, and the US.  

Isabelle pivoted her career in 2020 to focus 100% of her energy and creativity on her passions: wine, sensory science, and education.  She is President of InnoVinum, an online business she created with her husband. Her mission is to demystify wine tasting rituals and help people sharpen their tasting skills and tasting notes in a supportive community.

She shares her knowledge and experience with wine enthusiasts and professionals.  She publishes weekly articles on her website winetasting-demystified.com and created InnoVinum Academy, a platform to train wine enthusiasts to taste wine using a sensory science framework. InnoVinum retails and wholesales the Wine Aroma Wheel created by Dr. Ann C. Noble at UC Davis.  

She holds a Ph.D. in Food science specializing in Sensory Science from the University of Burgundy, France. She has 15 years of experience working for and with the wine industry as a sensory science leader and consultant serving clients globally.

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