Course and refund policy

I strive to give you full satisfaction when you enroll in one of my programs. I designed my courses with the overall goal to help you improve your wine tasting skills. However, if you are not satisfied, please read the terms of the refund policy.


This policy applies to all workshops and courses, whatever their duration.


All sales are final.

Masterclasses are non refundable.

For multi-session courses, a student may request a refund within 14 days of the course start date.  If they don't feel confident the course is for them, we will ask them to show us the completed course work as required by the program instructor. If the conditions are met, we will process with a refund, minus the administrative fees (usually 5%).

How to request a refund

Send your request with 14 days after the course started to, with the documents supporting you've done all the required work but realized the course was not for you.