Learn with me - I'll help you become a proficient wine taster wherever you are on that journey.

Struggling to write your first tasting notes is normal.
Nobody ever taught you to describe your food or beverages that way.

However, it becomes essential to sharpen your wine-tasting skills to expand and deepen your knowledge about wine and its multiple facets.

Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve
Wine Sensory Scientist and Instructor

Where are you on the wine taster journey?

  1. NOVICE:As a novice taster, you feel intimidated during wine events and are trying to figure out what to do, so you go with the flow and enjoy the conviviality.
  2. CURIOUS: As you become more curious about wine, you learn a few tips and practices after taking wine appreciation classes, but finding the right words is still a challenge.  
  3. ENTHUSIAST: Your enthusiasm for wine grew so much that you signed up for a certification program through the WSET or the Sommelier guild. But blind tastings make you doubt your ability to be a good taster. 
  4. CONFIDENT: As you develop confidence with practice, you learn about your strengths and limitations. You have created your system to identify aromas and tastes but sometimes struggle to share with others. 
  5. PROFICIENT: As a proficient taster, you’re confident in discerning sensory characteristics and finding specific words to describe them. You practice blind tasting to keep your skills sharp.

Find the program to improve your skills a step further.  

I designed these online courses so you can build your tasting skills and maintain your sensory acuity as you progress.

For Novice and Curious Tasters


Nobody shares these tips when you learn how to taste wine. But it’s so easy to adopt them.

Includes 3 short videos sent over 3 days.

wine aroma wheel 101

Best Practices to Improve your Wine Description Skills using the Wine Aroma Wheel, a Simple but Effective Tool.

Includes 4 short videos, practices, bonus content, and online support.

For Curious and Enthusiast Tasters

A self paced course 

Learn the foundation to master aroma description and enhance your knowledge and wine enjoyment.


  • 4 Modules with pre-recorded videos, workbooks, transcripts, PDF guides
  •  12 months of online support to ask questions and clarifications. 

Individual Coaching for All Tasters

Select a time on my calendar

Discover how you can reach wine flavor description mastery in 12 weeks.


Get coaching on a particular tasting challenge or I can lead a tutored tasting on your behalf.

Thematic Masterclasses


Learn about the production methods and the wine aroma nuances

for enthusiasts, confidents, and proficient tasters

Discover the 7 faults and 5 taints that can ruin your wine tasting experience.

New topics added every quarter

A Masterclass goes deeper into a wine style or a wine tasting modality.