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Wine Faults and Taints |

Discover the 7 faults and 5 taints that can ruin your wine tasting experience

Enrollment will ropen in November 2021

Discover 7 Faults and 5 Taints
that can ruin your wine tasting experience.

A self-paced online short  course.

 Why learn about wine faults and taints?

I think it's important as a consumer and also as a wine professional, to be able to identify those faults and taints that can really spoil your wine tasting experience.

This masterclass is for you if ...

  • You have felt you had to accept the wine served to you at a restaurant, although it tasted weird;
  • You heard about cork taint but have no idea what it is and what it smells like;
  • You are interested in drinking well made natural wines but want to avoid the funky ones.

This is an advanced level class, better suited if you are...

  • A graduate from InnoVinum Academy - PATH program
    Level One;
  • A wine lover enrolled in a wine certification program or a postgraduate curriculum in enology (or have graduated already;)
  • A wine lover wanting to be aware and better prepared as a customer.

By the end of this masterclass,
you will feel more confident and prepared
to make educated decisions on whether a wine is faulty or not. 

You will expand your knowledge and understanding aout the origins of  7 faults and 5 taints.

7 Faults associated with these descriptors:
Nail Polish remover,
Cooked cabbage,
Rotten egg,
Horsey, and

5 Taints described by these smells:
Moldy cork,
Smoke taint, and

You will also

  • Understand which compounds are responsible for these undesirable aromatic notes,
  • Have guidance on how to train your nose to identify these faults and taints in wine. 

What’s included in this masterclass

  1. Six information-packed pre-recorded short video lessons,
  2. Video transcripts,
  3. Instructions to make aroma standards, 
  4. Suggested readings,
  5. Resource list,
  6. Self-paced learning,
  7. Access to the materials for 12 months,
  8. Online support for two months after you enrolled. 

PLUS get this BONUS

A 30-minute coaching session
 (Ask me Anything About Wine Tasting)  

to schedule by September 3, 2021.  

I found these videos about faults and taints amazingly educational. I'm glad that you put this program together.
I think it makes us more aware and informed. It also helps us to educate people in the bars and restaurants we regularly go and visit.
This type of training allows us to give feedback in an educated way. Thank you!!

Antonio  J.

Director Operations
Sommelier in training

I can't tell you enough how great your courses are. This information is just phenomenal. So to the point and tremendously enlightening.

James C.

Business Owner
Enology student

Check out the curriculum.

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Wine Faults and Taints, Masterclass

This is an excellent source of skills in additon to the Aroma Path I and II training modules. I do highly recommend this masterclass. It complements the knowledge of Aroma perceptions in Wine by including the knowledge of Faults and Taints that could also be perceived in wines. Definitely an excellent module to complete.

2 weeks ago

Excellent Overview

Thank-you very much for this Masterclass. The explanation of the 7 Faults and 5 Taints is a wonderfully helpful and easy to understand summary! I appreciate the recipes for the homemade standards.

2 months ago

PATH Level One

After the course was over, I was amazed at how much I learned. And effortless, because it was fun. Isabelle is a true gem-a font of knowledge and experience. Take this course!

3 months ago