Describe wine flavors without second-guessing yourself

Accelerate your wine education 

Enhance your wine enjoyment

Discover how

You can reach wine flavor description mastery in 12 weeks.

The sad truth:

Getting a wine certification won’t help you appreciate wine more or become a more discerning taster.

Trapped in old traditions

Traditional wine appreciation courses teach you how to use a rigid tasting framework to determine if the wine is sound, not how to enjoy it.

  • They don’t teach you how to use your senses to maximize the tasting experience and enhance your ability to identify aromas and tastes.
  • These courses are not for consumers who want to improve their wine enjoyment through wine education. 
  • And they don’t help wine professionals sharpen their tasting skills in preparation for the tasting exams and wine competitions.

The WSET is an excellent organisation and the systematic approach to tasting wine is a useful tool for unpacking a wine, but it’s not a tool that can be used to describe it.”  Nick Ryan - Wine Business Monthly

Learn how to describe wine flavor using proven sensory science principles.

Unlike traditional wine educators, sensory scientists like me teach wine enthusiasts how to use their five senses to detect and describe the various sensations they perceive in wine.

Effective and fun!

Sensory science assesses wine characteristics through the human senses. We apply unbiased methods to minimize unconscious biases and enhance people's ability to detect and describe what they smell and taste with more confidence.

Accelerate your progress on
the Path to Wine Flavor Description Mastery

Would you like to work 1:1 with me to reach your goals and become a more articulate wine taster?

If your answer is YES, let’s chat to ensure my 12-week virtual coaching program meets your needs.

What happens during the discovery call

  • We’ll review your current tasting practices.
  • I'll explain how adopting a proven sensory framework will accelerate your progress on the path to wine flavor description mastery. 
  • If you have a particular challenge, I will share one or two tips to help you solve it. 
  • I will then take you through the content of the 12-week program, how we’ll work together, and the time commitment you can expect. 
  • I enroll up to 5 people at a time in the 12 weeks pogram and I will share the current availability.

By the end of this call, we'll both be in a position to determine if you’re a good fit for this program.  

Please only schedule the call if you commit to be present. Let’s respect each other precious time. 

Discovery Call - The Path to Wine Flavor Description Mastery


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01 June 2023 Thursday, 06:00 PM EDT

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Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD

Principal, InnoVinum Academy and Lead instructor

Hi, I'm Isabelle 
the Founder and Principal of InnoVinum Academy, an online education platform created to demystify wine-tasting rituals.

I teach and coach serious wine lovers worldwide and help them sharpen their tasting skills using a sensory science framework.

While being born and raised in a French culture gave me multiple opportunities to learn about wine, it doesn’t give me the required credentials to be your instructor.

So here’s more.

  • I earned my Ph.D. in Sensory Science from the University of Burgundy, France. 
  • I have worked in the wine industry for over 20 years and taught wine sensory evaluation to graduate students at Brock University and other colleges. 
  • My research work appeared in more than 50 peer-reviewed academic publications and several book chapters. 
  • I had the privilege to be a keynote speaker at several conferences over my career the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, the Australian Wine Technical Conference, The Pangborn Sensory Symposium, and the Sense Asia Conference to name a few.

    and more importantly,
  • I have trained 100s of wine enthusiasts in person and virtually to improve their sensory skills and get back their confidence in describing wine flavor nuances.

I look forward to speaking with you.