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Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD
Wine Sensory Expert

Hi, I've made my mission to demystify wine tasting rituals.


Because wine tasting isn't as complex as some pros want you to believe.

You need to trust your senses, adopt bias-free tasting practices, and train following a proven, yet approachable, sensory framework.
I created InnoVinum Academy to help you increase wine enjoyment through sensory education.

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The Wine Aroma Wheel

Take the guesswork out of describing wine aromas so you can take pride in your tasting notes.

Get Ready for your Next Tasting

At Home Wine Tasting Essentials gives you all you need to set up your first wine tasting at home or virtual.

Learn About Pinot Noir

Discover the typical primary, secondary., and tertiary aromas of Pinot Noir.

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Being a supertaster is no joke

Many wine enthusiasts wish they could be supertasters. Should you?


What Smoke Taint in Wine Tastes Like

Smoke taint in wine results from smoke exposure due to wildfires occurring in wine regions. How to spot this new taint in wine?


What’s the fuss about complex wines?

A wine as complex means different things to different people. Let’s clarify using recent scientific data. This is the first article of a series.


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