Are you uncomfortable asking questions about wine and wine tasting?

You should not be and I got you covered.

I compiled in this FREE guide the top 15 questions wine lovers ask me when I lead a wine tasting. 

Does the glass size matter?

 How many ounces in a typical wine tasting?

Is it normal to taste aromas that are different from the ones I smelled?

How to cleanse my palate? 

Find practical and no-nonsense answers in this guide I created just for you.

Hi, I’m Isabelle Lesschaeve.

I founded InnoVinum, my online business, to demystify wine tasting rituals.  
Tasting wine doesn’t need to be complicated.

I help serious wine lovers to sharpen their tasting skills using a sensory science framework.   Not to speak a flowery language, but by becoming more confident describing wine using their senses.

I’m a sensory and consumer scientist with 25+ years of experience. I worked as an academic and researcher in the food and wine industry, in France, Canada, and the US. But I pivoted my career to focus my energy and creativity on my three passions: wine, sensory science, and education.