Wine Tasting Tips

I scout the latest advances in wine science, dissect them, and translate them into meaningful and applicable tips to boost your wine tasting skills and overall wine experience. 

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Isabelle Lesschaeve

Chocolate pairing with red wine seems to be the most acclaimed culinary experience suggested for festive events. Is it?

Isabelle Lesschaeve

One positive or negative experience with a specific wine style often determines if you’re going to love it or leave it

Isabelle Lesschaeve

Visiting winery tasting rooms health and safety guidelines may be seen as too constraining. Wait, this experience might be the best you ...

Isabelle Lesschaeve

Principal, Blog author, and Wine Tasting Coach

Internationally renowned wine sensory scientist, Isabelle demystifies wine tasting and helps serious wine lovers sharpen their tasting skills and tasting notes in a supportive community.

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