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Wine Aroma Wheel

Take the guesswork out of describing various aromas so you can take pride in your tasting notes.

Wine tasting can be a complex experience that involves more than your sense of taste.
With the Wine Aroma Wheel, you can now learn to identify and describe what you smell with ease. It’s the indispensable tool to step up your game in wine tasting.
The wheel is also compact and easy to travel with, so you can take it to any winery or tasting event and share it with all your wine-loving friends!

The Original Wine Aroma Wheel for table wines is available in 8 languages:
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

The Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel, created to describe the unique aromas of Méthode Champenoise wines, is available in English only.




INAO Wine Glass
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