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Sparkling wine and Champagne Workshop

COMING SOON | For all Wine Lovers | Celebrate the end of the year with bubbles

Being born and raised in Champagne, I developed natural affinities with sparkling wines.

In this workshop, you'll discover how different sparkling wine styles produce an impressive range of flavors.

We'll discuss how tasting a sparkling wine differs from evaluating a still wine.
Of course, we will practice and describe the flavor of two wines. You’ll also experiment with different glasses and temperatures to see what you like best.

What a great way to start celebrating the Holidays!

A two-hour training, including a guided tasting and a live Q&A session

At the end of the training,  you will feel more comfortable navigating the sparkling wine aisle and more knowledgeable about what to expect when tasting a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne.

More specifically, I will take you through these three topics.

Basics of Sparkling Winemaking 

The magic of creating bubbles is the distinctive trait of sparkling wine making. You will discover the methods that can create different sensations in your mouth.

Factors Impacting  Flavor Profiles

From crushing the grapes to disgorging the finished wine,  understand the steps impacting the flavors you may experience in a sparkling wine.

How to Taste

Practice  flavor description with two sparkling wines of your choice and using Isabelle's sensory framework.

Registration Fee

The Masterclass price includes:

  • A 120 minute-live training with Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve, a wine sensory expert and friendly tasting coach.
  • One Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel mailed to you.
  • Tasting templates to download prior the session.
  • A list of materials you may need during the session.
  • A guide to the most frequent sparkling wine aromas, describing their origins and how to train your nose to identify them.
  • The recommendation of two wine brands to taste during the session.