Smell, Taste, and Identify Wine Aroma with Confidence

Put in Practice all you've learned in the PATH program - Level ONE and Level Two

The PATH to Aroma Description Proficiency - THREE

Keep the momentum going, practice and become proficient at identifying a total of 45 wine aromas.

PATH Level Three will open in the fall of 2021 

"It felt very special to learn from someone like Isabelle whose knowledge, expertise, and approach are very unique. It makes so much more sense to follow her methods than the typical, dramatic, vague performance many people give when describing wine"
Karina Maher

Wine lover and vineyard proprietor

" I very much enjoyed the course, as it began to direct both my experiential and book learning. The course was well worth my time, and would do it again. The virtual in-person tastings were fun, and I learned a lot during these sessions."
Marco Salazar 

Wine lover