Smell, Taste, and Identify Wine Aroma with Confidence

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The PATH Program - Level TWO | 2022

For Curious Tasters | Expand your wine aroma knowledge and practice, practice! You'll become proficient at identifying 18 new wine aromas.

Pre-Requisite: Must complete PATH Level One before enrolling in this course

Now, that you've completed the PATH - Level One, you're...

  • Proficient at differentiating the three major wine sensory perceptions, aroma, taste, and mouthfeel, and can focus your attention on aroma description.  
  • Able to describe by categorization 
  • An adept of consistent tasting practices to minimize biases and become more objective in your tasting notes. 

You're ready to tackle the PATH-Level Two of the program.

The PATH to Aroma Description Proficiency - Level Two
is a 4-module hands-on program.

Using the sensory framework and step-by-step process learned in the PATH Level One, you will:

  • learn about 18 wine aromas,
  • practice at home to identify them using aroma standards, and 
  • implement the learnings by conducting comparative tastings of selected wine styles, 
  • be coached by Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve all along.

This unique program is for serious wine lovers, not wine snobs

"It felt very special to learn from someone like Isabelle whose knowledge, expertise, and approach are very unique. It makes so much more sense to follow her methods than the typical, dramatic, vague performance many people give when describing wine"
Karina Maher

Wine lover and vineyard proprietor

" I very much enjoyed the course, as it began to direct both my experiential and book learning. The course was well worth my time, and would do it again. The virtual in-person tastings were fun, and I learned a lot during these sessions."
Marco Salazar 

Wine lover

What's Inside the PATH Program Level Two?

Module 1: Implementation week
>> Use this valuable time to source all the ingredients and wines recommended for the next weeks' activities.
>> Review the key learnings from the PATH Level One

Module 2 to Module 4: Practice at home 

  • Learn about the nature and origin of six familiar aromas in wine, each week. 
  • Discover and appreciate the value of preparing and learning with homemade aroma standards. 
  • Practice aroma identification and note writing by describing two wine styles.

When you enroll in this program, you will get

  • 3 in-depth lessons to master the identification of 18 wine aromas.
  • 18 recipes to create at home aroma standards.
  • Training templates to learn 6 aromas per week and test your progress.
  • Template to capture your tasting notes.
  • Guided tasting to discover six different wine styles and practice aroma description.
  • On going support from Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve, online.
  • Access to the PATH Level Two Private Podcast (NEW!)
    Listen on the go to the recorded lessons and live classes.                          ========>

I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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